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REEVEsoft, Inc. was started in 1984, incorporated in 1998, and is dedicated to creating software that offers the best features at the lowest possible price. In other words our mantra can be summarized with one word: value.

Throughout the years our focus has changed to keep up with the demands of our customers which are primarily small to medium sized businesses and home users. We got our start creating software for Atari computers back in 1984 and wrote some of the best utility software that platform saw including our cartridge based Graphical User Interface called Diamond GOS (think of it as a scaled down Windows). We then graduated to PC software development in the early 1990s with our MacSEE software which allowed our customers to easily share data with Macintosh users.

Currently our focus is on Internet Applications that help small businesses operate more efficiently. Our CompuAgent product has assisted countless businesses and individuals with making the creation and maintenance of a website much easier and less costly. Our latest web application, Data Librarian, helps offices manage their paperwork more efficiently.

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